Tablets are an exciting new category of devices. Ultra-slim and lightweight, they're bigger than smart phones, but not as bulky as laptops.

All About Tablets

One of the biggest benefits of owning a tablet is that it allows you to have access to a portable yet powerful machine. You can read books on a tablet as you can on an ebook reader. You also can surf the web, send and receive email and use software applications like you can on a computer. What's more, a tablet can enhance your professional image as it puts an innovative organization and communication tool at your fingertips.

What Is a Tablet?

Tablet Platforms and ProcessorsA cross between a laptop computer and a PDA (personal data assistant), a tablet can be used to wirelessly connect to the Internet, play games, read books or get work done. Discover more about tablets before you buy.

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Is a Tablet Right for You?

Tablet Platforms and ProcessorsSince a tablet is portable enough to stow in a purse, briefcase or backpack, it is a powerful tool for people on the go. Discover how a tablet fits your business activities and your lifestyle.
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Choosing a Tablet

Choosing your Tablet Explore the differences among all types of tablets and ebook readers, and the pros and cons of each. Know your options so you can select the best tool for your needs.
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Getting Technical

omx getting technicalFrom operating systems to screen sizes to software applications (apps), we can help you understand the basics so you can get the most out of your tablet.
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